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Kit: Mill Hill Charmed Angels

Difficulty: ★★

Time taken: 8 hours each

Completed size: 5 inch x 2.5 inch

A small project from last Christmas. Decided to challenge for myself with a Mill Hill cross stitch.

Stitching with beads usually takes more paitent than normal cross stitches.

Here are the 2 kits I decided to work on.

Mill Hill Charmed Angels Cross Stitch

Started off with the Celeste Angel. The kit included 2 needles, beads, sorted floss, 14ct paper, satin robbin and an instruction chart. A thread remover and a cross stitch scissors would also come handy during my stitching project.

Mill Hill Charmed Angels Cross Stitch

There were only 2 pieces of paper, and it would be difficult to mark or fold on the papers. Therefore planning became very important as you don't want to stitch half way and realise that you have ran over the edge. 

The head and body should be stitched on the smaller piece of paper and the wings on the larger piece. I would recommend everyone to start from the edges first.

And of course, I started with the darker coloured floss first.

My rule when stitching a beaded cross stitch is:

Dark colour floss -> Light colour floss -> Dark colour bead -> Light colour bead

Mill Hill Charmed Angels Cross Stitch

I like to keep my beads and stitches in one direction so they look persistent. The floss went behind from the lower left corner into the upper right corner, then behind from the lower right corner into the upper left corner. Similarly with the beads, the floss went behind from the lower left corner through the bead into the upper right corner, then behind from the lower right corner through the bead into the upper left corner.

Mill Hill Charmed Angels Cross Stitch

Chopping the paper was slightly a challenge as the shape of the design was pretty comprehensive. That's when my cross stitch scissors became handy!! If you don't want to risk breaking the paper, I would highly recommend you leave some extra spaces around the design ( I left 1 stitch of space, but I think even leaving 2 stitches wouldn't effect the overall look)

Mill Hill Charmed Angels Cross Stitch

I've attached a furry ball onto each of the design. Here is a photo of the completed projects.

Mill Hill Charmed Angels Cross Stitch

The charms now take turns to sit in my car:)

Mill Hill Charmed Angels Cross Stitch



Elysee Palace and Rose

8/10/13 8:46 PM

Big thanks to Tina. Our first customer who's sent in their completed design.

Elysee Palace and Rose

Elysee Palace and Rose

One of our quick cross stitch designs. The background comes with a design. All that needs to be stitched is the roses and surrounding leaves. Quick and easy.



Display your design: Stitch a cube

7/7/13 3:04 PM

Kit: Cow dice cube

Difficulty: ★

Time taken: 2 hours

Completed size: 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5 cm

Didn't want to start on a big project this weekend, so I've decided to go for something quick n easy.

I've measured 12 squares on the aida, each square approximately 7 x 7 cm. So when I've started to stitch on the squares, there would be a 1 cm blank around design.

Cross stitch dice cube

I've stitched the cow's face on 2 of the squares. For the rest of the 10 squares with the hearty shaped cow spots.

Once that was done, I've connected the sides of the square by stitching against the square edges. At this stage, you could pretty much tell it is a dice. I left a little gap on on side of the dice and stuffed in some cotton. Onc the dice cube was nice and blugy I had to stitched up the gap.

Finally I've sewed a key chain against the little dice.





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